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Then We Win and Balance of Power

Then We Win and Balance of Power

Then We Win is a non-profit foundation that is creating an app to organize people to take action together to solve some of the world's biggest problems.

What do we mean by that? Here is an example. Imagine a news conglomerate that owns television, radio, and print businesses around the world. This organization uses their business to push their agenda despite the cost to humanity because of the "shareholder value" it creates. Individually, we can get upset at the toll their business model takes on society and individuals in our families, but we cannot change their ways.

However, business leaders agree that a well organized and sustained boycott can be more effective than letter writing campaigns, lobbying, or even class action suits in convincing companies to change their ways. And that if 5 percent of consumers boycott a company, it will have a material effect on the company's finances. If 10 percent of consumers participate, the effect on a business is devastating.

So where does Then We Win play into that equation? Then We Win organizes people and information to make it easy to act in an organized manner. A big company, a news company in this example, does not exist on an island. It has advertisers, suppliers, distributors, publishers, writers and television personalities, affiliates, landlords and tenants. In short it has companies and people that rely on them and it relies on companies and people to make their business run.

If information on all of these connections are created and a concerted effort is made to inform and boycott those who allow this news company to exist in its current form, even if a small percentage of them stop working with the news company, it would bring the company to a place where they would need to consider the effect of their business model on society at large.

If you consider that in other areas, like companies standing in the way of climate change, political parties standing in the way of voting rights, and businesses standing in the way of civil rights, you can get a sense that this model can be used to force change where change is difficult on an individual basis.

So what does Then We Win need?

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