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PETITION: Dismantle Systemic Racism In The Name Of George Floyd

PETITION: Dismantle Systemic Racism In The Name Of George Floyd

When alive, George Floyd would have never imagined his name become a symbol. By now, likely almost everyone in the world knows what happened in Minneapolis in May. 


George Floyd, an unarmed black man, died while in police custody after his pleas that he couldn’t breathe were ignored by the police officer kneeling on his neck. 


He was not the first black man to die in police custody -- unfortunately, there have been too many cases, while no-one, absolutely no-one should die like that.


America is amid several crises simultaneously: economic, health, and social. Regrettably, black people have been impacted the worst. To help America heal and get through these crises, we'd need to dismantle systemic racism and the best way to start restructuring the systems that allow it to perpetuate would be the redistribution of resources. At present, the United States spends twice as much on prisons, courts, and police forces than on much-needed welfare programs. The death of George Floyd and the protests following are proving that we need to address this imbalance, the injustice system that fails to see the humanity of these men and women.


We ask for: 

  • Military-style equipment in police departments be eliminated;
  • Health care, housing, and education be improved in communities of color;
  • Community oversight of police services be established;
  • Increase cross-cultural training and education-related initiatives; and
  • Strengthened legal and regulatory responses to discrimination.

Please sign this petition if you are not afraid of change and want to end the injustice. Please keep it in mind in November, when you have a chance to elect leaders who see us, who hear us, and who are willing to act on our demands. 


892 people have signed! Let's get to 50,000!

Reasons for signing this petition (1)

  • Justice and basic human decency.

    — Angelika Anderson, Aug 30, 2020

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