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PETITION: Do not fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Supreme Court seat until after the 2021 inauguration

PETITION: Do not fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Supreme Court seat until after the 2021 inauguration


Ruth Bader Ginsburg's dying wish was that her Supreme Court seat not be filled until a new president was installed. She was a champion for gender equality, among other issues rooted in fairness and justice for all. With less than 50 days until the election and voting already underway in many states, it's important that we demand all senators pledge not to move forward with any nominee until after the next inauguration.

Why is this important?

Every senator from across the political spectrum must acknowledge the danger posed by rushing to fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg's seat so close to an election.

We all remember Mitch McConnell's blockade of President Obama's nomination of Merrick Garland 237 days before the 2016 election. The 2020 election has already started—with voting already underway in many states—and it would be a truly inexcusable act of hypocrisy and injustice for Trump and Senate Republicans to move any nomination forward.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg spent her life protecting women's rights and advancing justice for those disenfranchised by the political establishment.

Trump—who lost the popular vote by millions—must not be allowed to further demolish the American judiciary.

Many Republican senators have already committed publicly that they would not move a nomination forward in the event of a vacancy at this late date. We must honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg's legacy and hold every politician accountable to the most basic standards of fairness by demanding they not move any new nomination forward for the lifetime appointment to the highest court in the nation until every vote is counted and the inauguration is complete.

892 people have signed! Let's get to 50,000!

Reasons for signing this petition (32)

  • I am sickened by how fast a new judge is being appointed! Poor Ruth Beer Ginsberg must be rolling over in her grave! How disrespectful of her, and the whole country, can you get? We need to restore a balance of power to the government with term limits, or increasing the number of judges, or something to save us from completely losing the Affordable Care Act during a pandemic!
    Contrary to promise, NOT all Civid-Related care is free! And with so many people out of work and unable to afford even the most basic self-care items, such as food, toothpaste, cleaners, etc. This will certainly cause people to get sick needlessly with other things-did I mention homelessness due to the economy can make people sick too? . If Affordable Care is abolished completely, I truly and terribly fear for our country!

    — Rebecca Wieser, Oct 26, 2020

  • We need a person on the Supreme Court who believes in the Constitution…who believes in equality for all people in the United States, who is not biased toward any sect of faction.

    — Jeane, Sep 26, 2020

  • How low can you go in your drive for power, Mr. Trump?

    — Teresa McNicholas, Sep 25, 2020

  • Hold your horses!!!

    — Jennifer Knighton, Sep 25, 2020

  • W A I T!!!

    — Claudia Haring, Sep 25, 2020

  • Selection of a Supreme Court Justice should not be picked by a political agenda.

    — Edna M Pletka, Sep 25, 2020

  • President Obama wasn’t allowed to pick in 2016 Trump should not be allowed to pick now

    — Cassandra Jacobus , Sep 24, 2020

  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg stated that this is what she wanted.

    — Evelyn S Gowans, Sep 24, 2020

  • The dust of the election should settle before decisions of the Supreme Court aremade!

    — Julie Cota, Sep 24, 2020

  • If they couldn’t let Obama with 9 months left in his term how can they let trump pick with only 40+ days left?

    — Gloria E Groll, Sep 23, 2020

  • I wish to fulfill RBGs final wish and not fill her seat until after the election.

    — Sandi Aldrich, Sep 23, 2020

  • We MUST stop LAIR McConnell from succeeding

    — Patricia C Ulin, Sep 23, 2020

  • The conservatives will still have their majority, so now we know they are just trying to destroy this democratic republic.

    — Patricia A Dolloff, Sep 23, 2020

  • Honor RBG last request. Just like 2016 let the next President select the next Supreme Court Justice

    — Maureen Reardon , Sep 23, 2020

  • Please don’t fill Ruth Bader Gingsburg’s seat until the new president is in office.

    — Susan Turney , Sep 22, 2020

  • Please don’t fill Ruth Bader Gingsburg’s seat until the new president is in office.

    — Susan Turney , Sep 22, 2020

  • My reason…because they didn’t allow Obama his chance to nominate, some gave their word, and it is ridiculous that these people are above the law. They appear as power hungry representatives, representing themselves, not the country.

    — Gloria Garnsey, Sep 22, 2020

  • Please wait

    — Winnie Winters-Craft , Sep 22, 2020

  • Do not confirm a replacement for RBG until the next president is in office!

    — Catherine crute , Sep 22, 2020

  • We need fairness and equity in this country and have not seen it for awhile. Please show that you truly represent us and wait until the people have spoken rather than seizing power. Thank you, Gini Weisz

    — Virginia Weisz, Sep 22, 2020

  • Honor RBG’s final wishes and wait until after the inauguration! Obama waited 8 mos. in 2016 when urged by the same senators who are rushing this through. Don’t be hypocrites! Don’t go down with the lying, cheating Trump ship. Have some integrity. Do the right thing. History is watching.

    — Michelle Reed, Sep 22, 2020

  • The position should be filled after the election.

    — Karen Garofalo The next, Sep 22, 2020

  • Wait until after inauguration.

    — Ibrook Tower , Sep 22, 2020

  • RBG’s final wish needs to be honored.

    — Jean Brandt, Sep 22, 2020

  • Mitch McConnell made up a rule that he used to prevent President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee from coming to the Senate for a vote. Hypocritically he is rushing through Trump’s nominee to a Senate vote weeks before the election. The Senate should not vote on a nominee before the 2021 Inauguration. Let the People decide.

    — Sandra Wilcox, Sep 21, 2020

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