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Balance of Power is committed to Joe Biden as President. Our Facebook page is devoted to promoting him as you can see here:


As such we donate the maximum allowed by law to his campaign. We encourage you to donate as much as you can too.  

We want nothing more than to have all of our products Made in the USA and only in the USA.  And we do our best to make it happen.  These products are Made in the USA.  We are working on increasing our selection of Made in the USA apparel.  And all of our apparel is printed and embroidered in the USA by American workers.  

The reality of the apparel industry, however, is that most production has left the United States. So that which remains is more expensive to support American wages making it so our costs are higher and therefore our prices for those items are higher. Many people do not mind paying a little more to get American-made products. Others prefer to be able to buy two shirts instead of one. So, we strive to provide something for everyone. And of course to support American workers as much as our customers do.

Make sure your billing address and shipping address are the same address that are on your credit card statement. If that is not enough, try using another credit card or PayPal. To protect our customers and your credit card from fraud we use stringent security settings.

Our facilities are located in the United States.  Several of our shirt printing facilities have less staff in them to provide for social distancing, some are closed due to coronavirus-related state mandates. But several others are open, so orders are being routed to facilities that have the most capacity. But so have others' orders. All orders are in queue in the order they are received. We apologize for the delay. We are trying to keep staff safe and get orders out as fast as possible. Trust us. We want you to have your order and wear it proudly.