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Register to Vote & Check Your Registration

It is more important than ever to register to vote. And also to check to make sure you are still registered to vote.

You know why it is important to vote. Getting rid of Trump and his fellow Republicans and, literally, saving our Democracy.

Why is it important to check to make sure you are still registered to vote?

Republicans and Trump are working on purging voters from voter rolls and making it harder to vote by mail. At the same time they will be limiting physical polling locations where they are needed most. They tested this out in Kentucky where their two most populous counties had one in-person voting location each.

Normally, Kentucky would have had 3,700 polling locations. In their latest election they had 170.

This results in long lines to vote and dissuades people from voting. And Republicans will be rolling these strategies out nationwide where they can get the courts or the legislatures to sign off.

Please make sure you are still registered to vote and get your Mail-In-Ballot in as soon as possible, or go to the polls as early as possible. This election is crucial.