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About BoP

Helping you bring balance back to power.

Balance of Power has been a "Vote Blue No Matter Who" Facebook page since November 2016 (prior to that we were supporting Hillary) and has grown organically over time to 760K+ followers. We are fully committed to Joe Biden as President and Balance of Power's Facebook page is devoted to promoting him.

If you review our posts, you will see that we are dedicated to sharing fact-checked information about Democratic candidates and progressive causes, and exposing Trump, his corrupt administration, and Republicans' dirty deeds, with a bit of levity, as well, so we can all make it through the day with our sanity in tact.

One of our goals is to make sure people realize the importance of voting Trump and the Republicans out, and VOTING, period. To that end we operate a Register to Vote portal so Democrats will, not only, register to vote, but also be reminded to check whether Republicans have purged them from the voting rolls before it is too late to re-register.

Obviously, we have merchandise as well. Our products are selected to spread the Democratic message and Biden 2020 far and wide. The proceeds cover our operating and marketing costs and also pay for American "Mom and Pops" and women-owned businesses to embroider our hats, print our shirts, yard signs and bumper stickers as well as many of our other products. We also ship all of our products through USPS to be able to do our part to help with the solvency of the Postal Service.

As private citizens, we also donate the maximum amount allowed by law to the campaigns of:

  • Joe Biden for President of the United States against Trump;
  • Jamie Harrison for Senator of South Carolina against Lindsey Graham;
  • Mark Kelly for Senator of Arizona against Martha McSally;and
  • Amy McGrath for Senator of Kentucky against Mitch McConnell.

We encourage you to donate as much as you can as well.

Additionally, all of the employees at BoP are die-hard Democrats, and as private citizens make continuous contributions to Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Amy McGrath, Mark Kelly and other Democrats as well as various Democratic, Progressive and Environmental causes.

We fight along your side to bring balance back to power.


The Balance of Power Team