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Register to vote in California

Check Voter Registration in California

Republicans purge voter rolls to "prevent voter fraud." Republicans often remove more Democrats than Republicans when they do this. BUT if they take you off the rolls, you can re-register. So, Check Your Voter Registration in California and re-register if you need to.

Track My Ballot in California One of the perks of mail-in-voting is that you can track when your ballot was mailed, received and counted. This is a great way to make sure your vote was counted.  If you think your vote was not counted then be sure to report it.
In-Person-Voting Locations in California Many Republican states have been making it harder to vote by closing voting locations. Democrats close polling locations too, but usually because more people are voting by mail so they don't need as many polling locations. Check Your Voting Location before you go to vote.
Register to Vote California allows you to Register to Vote Online. There are limitations and deadlines that you need to be aware of so you are not stuck unable to vote. Plus, if you have been purged you need to re-register to vote here. It is important to check and re-register if you don't see yourself on the voting rolls.
State Elections Website California State Elections Website contains everything you need to know about Local, State and Federal elections. It is an important place to check if you have any questions about the voting process.
Voter Registration FAQs Inevitably you will have questions. This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the voting process. Review it and if you have more questions, contact your state's Secretary of State's Office.
Ballot Drop-Off Locations To make it easy to vote there are locations across your state where you can Drop-Off Your Mail-In Ballot.  This is especially useful if you are running late and want to be certain you get your ballot in on time.
Overseas and Military Voter Information Special rules apply to Overseas and Military Voters so you can mail your vote to your State. Check here to make sure your address is correct so you get your ballot and that you know the rules about when to submit it.
Where Can I Vote Early? Early voting is important to make sure there aren't long lines on Election Day. It is a great way to make the best use of your time. The Locations for Early Voting are not always the same as your regular voting location.